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Connect Fashion

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Our mission is to establish the

We are a global initiative collaborating to incentivize the adoption of circular business practices essential to the long-term health of our ecosystem and environment.

Introducing CircularID


CircularID™ is the global standard and digital system for identification and management of products in the circular economy. CircularID makes it possible to identify products and materials for reuse, resale, repair, rental, reverse logistics, recycling, and more.

Explore CircularID


We are a group of fashion and retail industry leaders and partners from circular businesses, technology, policy, and academia. The initiative is introduced by Eon in collaboration with Members & Partners.

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“To make circular fashion a reality, we need reliable, granular and open-access data about products…. The Connect Fashion initiative is driving this forward and, with increased industry participation, will provide a fundamental contribution to creating a circular fashion sector.”

Douwe Jan Joustra

Head of Circular Transformation, C&A Foundation