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Connect every product with a Digital ID to make it interactive, intelligent and circular

Retail is moving beyond the barcode

Most products today are identified through their barcode. But once the retail tag is removed at purchase, that item can no longer be identified, managed, monetized or stewarded to where it needs to go. 

Products with Digital ID have comprehensive digital profile stored in the cloud, enabling traceability, intelligence and connectivity across the entire lifecycle. 
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A Digital ID for every item

The EON Product Cloud is digitizing billions of products for global brands. EON integrates with your existing data systems to gather, organize and structure product data into item-level Digital IDs that are updated with new data across each item's lifecycle. Products become part of smart systems that connect to customers, services and applications. 

Connected products offer new ways to service customers, increase revenue and gain intelligence

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Connect to customers directly through your products

Sell, service and create brand experiences - directly through your products. EON connects each item's Digital ID to an on-product digital label (such as a QR Code, RFID, NFC or digital fingerprint), so each customer can scan and access your content. Drive cross-selling, share styling advice, care instructions, sustainability information, or offer new services like resale. 

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Access industry's largest Marketplace of Digital ID Partners 

Power new applications, business models & customer services. Build a network around each product with our pre-integrated resale, recycling and repair partners including Trove, Waste Management, The Renewal Workshop, Recurate and more. 

Key Features



Drive new applications and services, extending the capabilities of each product. 


Digital IDs on EON are programmable and accessible via our REST APIs.

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Pre-Integrated Partners

Instantly connect your products to top resale platforms, applications, recycling partners and more. 

EON is the only Product Cloud with a pre-integrated Marketplace of business partners, from top resale platforms, new applications and recycling partners to technology leaders like Microsoft and SAP.


Standards Alignment

Future-proof your products for a circular life cycle using the industry's first standardized language for Digital ID.


EON aligns with industry's existing standards such as GS1, and leverages the Circular Product Data Protocol to exchange product data for circular business models.


Business Intelligence

Access insights into how your products are being used, interacted with and moved across the lifecycle.

EON offers in-depth reporting. See how customers interact and use their products, access resale data to inform supply decisions, or support your sustainability promise with aggregated product data.

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