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Connect Fashion

11 West 30th Street, 6th FL

New York, NY 10001

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Members & Partners

Connect Fashion is a global initiative of fashion and retail industry leaders, and partners from circular businesses, technology, policy, and academia. Connect Fashion is introduced by Eon in collaboration with Members and Partners.









Insights from Industry Leadership

“Connectivity and collaboration across the value chain are essential components of the transition from a linear to a circular economy. Connect Fashion's innovative approach advances circularity by empowering stakeholders across the entire value chain to share data and keep products in circulation."

Kate Daly

Closed Loop Partners

Like everything in nature, products in the fashion industry need a circular lifecycle. By leveraging the Internet of Things and Digital Identity to power intelligence, communication and transparency, it’s possible to unlock a global circular future. We’re pleased to be partnering with EON & Connect Fashion to bring our IoT solutions and cloud platform to bear in powering efficiencies and systems needed to transition to a circular economy."

Shelley Bransten


Waste Management is excited to collaborate with EON and its founding members to develop a data-driven materials management platform for textiles. This technology will allow supply chains and consumers to make decisions for materials management based on science and transparency, and ultimately lead to a more circular economy for the fashion industry.


Raymond Randall
Waste Management

Unique and persistent product identity in both the physical and digital world is essential in a circular economy to extend the tracking and information around products post sale. Socially responsible consumers want access to the full story of a product, and GS1 Standards create a common foundation for companies to share that data pre and post-sale. Initiatives like Connect Fashion are raising important awareness for the collaboration that it takes between industry partners to achieve true visibility throughout the product’s entire lifecycle.

Melanie Nuce


By tapping into the disruptive power of data and connectivity, business can be the catalyst for a connected and sustainable future. Today, Internet of Things technologies are primarily being used for operational efficiency, rather than strategic growth and sustainability opportunities. The introduction of Digital Identity will enable transparency and new circular business models, and will make it possible for us to design a value chain that benefits not only the company, but all supply chain participants, and society as a whole.

Rodrigo Bautista
Forum for the Future

By advancing a circular economy, we can work towards a more livable and regenerative urban future, addressing many of the economic, environmental, and social challenges New York City faces today. To achieve this vision, we must design intelligent systems that enable communication between and across key stakeholders, both public and private. With the Internet of Things and Digital Identity, we can unlock data and knowledge that will power essential collaboration and transparency throughout the industry.


Lindsay Clinton
NYC Economic Development Corporation

Digital Identity is critical to enabling the increased utilization of fashion - making it possible for us to trade, exchange, reuse & recycle our apparel whilst also driving the business case for better ethics through enhanced transparency. The good news is that Internet of Things infrastructure has a strong business case in today's linear economy by providing more usage intelligence to brands - and offers the foundation for circular business models tomorrow.

Chris Grantham

The creation of a single garment involves a complex web of stakeholders and processes, with significant impacts engrained within each stage. Science continues to indicate the limitations of our planet’s boundaries. Digital identity creates a valuable opportunity to maximize the usage of natural resources and synthetic materials by creating the infrastructure for more circular ecosystems in fashion.

Cara Smyth
Fair Fashion Center, Glasgow Caledonian NYC

Digital ID is essential for the traceability, tracking, and data that is core to our closed loop clothing ecosystem. Further, Digital ID will help us service our members in deeply personalized and dynamic way.


Kristy Caylor

Access to the Digital ID of a product, in the circular business model of renewal and resale, allows brands and retailers to provide a seamless experience for the customer in a cost effective and efficient way.

Nicole Bassett
The Renewal Workshop

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