The materials innovator and fashion brand is connecting clothing items with "digital passports" to accelerate greater transparency, traceability and circularity in the industry and inspire responsible consumer choices.


Customer Engagement






QR Code

Designed to simulate the user experience of social media platforms, a scan of each garment's unique QR code takes the customer on a journey from the product’s origin through to its purchase, transportation and aftercare – bringing all product-specific data together in a fun and engaging way.

Additionally, PANGAIA is using EON’s Circular Product Data Protocol to ensure that resale, recycling and sorting partners can access the data they need to identify and manage products from one lifecycle to the next.

“Our new digital passports are putting personalized data around traceability and sustainability at the fingertips of our customers in a fun and interactive way, so they feel empowered to make the best possible choices. As well as helping propel us forward on our own circularity journey, we believe that product digitization is fundamental to driving industry change and accelerating an Earth Positive future – one which gives back more than it takes.” ​


—Maria Srivastava, Chief Impact Officer, PANGAIA

The Horizon T-shirt


A branded QR code on each garment's label brings to life its unique journey.

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Web & Social

Dedicated landing pages and social media content deliver educational videos and how-to messaging to customers, increasing awareness and encouraging user interaction with products.

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