Gabriela Hearst pioneers transparency with Connected Products powered by Eon

Gabriela Hearst pioneers transparency with Connected Products powered by Eon

February 11, 2020  – Gabriela Hearst launches connected products powered by Eon in the Spring 2020 collection. These connected products create a new and ongoing connection with the customer, and bring intelligence and transparency throughout the garment journey  from material, manufacture, purchase, customer and beyond. With the launch of connected products Gabriela Hearst  introduces a gateway to communicate with products, customers and partners across the product lifecycle through the Eon platform.

Launching connected  products with Eon, Gabriela Hearst demonstrates how technology can be used to deliver value  to customers and ensure the integrity of a garment throughout the lifecycle. In a time where customers are looking for new and authentic brand experiences, and demanding transparency, sustainability, and circularity  the traditional hang tag or label no longer provides enough space to communicate the rich and compelling narrative of the garment for pioneering brands like Gabriela Hearst, who champion ethical and sustainable practices across the supply chain.

In the Spring 2020 collection, Gabriela Hearst provides customers a new experience  a way to connect with their products, access information, and gain a deeper understanding of the product’s story and journey. These connected products are digitally identified and have a stitched-in label with a QR code specific to each product’s narrative and linked to the product’s digital profile in the Eon platform, built on Microsoft Azure. Customers  simply point their smartphone camera at the code on the label, accessing information and engaging in digital experiences linked with the product. The customer is able to bring forward information about the product, materials, their respective country of origin, and the story behind the design and production process.

This is the beginning of an ongoing  initiative of Gabriela Hearst to bring full transparency to the product’s lifecycle, and an important first step in achieving circularity across the fashion industry.  The fashion industry has talked a great deal about circularity  the concept of continuous use and reuse of products and materials to reduce waste and resource consumption. Unless resellers and recyclers can access information about products, it’s impossible to scale and operationalize circular economy.  Eon is bringing the circular economy online giving every item a unique digital profile and enabling products to communicate, access and exchange data in the circular economy. Eon’s Internet of Things platform turns simple products into intelligent assets   pioneering the digital foundation of a connected and circular fashion and retail industry.

Eon powers Connected Products and Circular Commerce. The leading Internet of Things platform in fashion retail, Eon is bringing billions of items online — unlocking visibility and connectivity across enterprise, powering communication between brands and customers, and generating real-time data from items across their lifecycle.

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