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The Connected Products Economy Report

How Connected Products will power circular business models, engage customers, and unlock new forms of value. 


Roadmap to Connected & Circular Commerce

The Connected Products Economy Report puts forward a vision where the Internet of Things (IoT) connects the physical and digital worlds, unlocking value and catalyzing innovation at the intersection of people, products, and systems to the benefit of our society, economy and environment.


To achieve this vision, the Report puts forward an ambitious plan for how industry can embed circular economy principles into connected products –  to power new business models, global systems for circular product lifecycle management and new economic incentives to change patterns of production and consumption.

Contributors & Partners

Special thanks to the Members, Partners and Philanthropic Funders of the CircularID™ Initiative for their support and their active involvement. We also thank the leading academic, NGO and industry experts who provided invaluable knowledge and perspectives.


“The Connected Products Economy Report addresses some of the biggest business and environmental challenges facing the fashion industry today – and puts forward concrete, collaborative and systems-based approaches for solving them. It's an exciting step on the important path to maximize the unique business opportunities associated with real transparency.”

Caroline Brown
Managing Director, Closed Loop Partners

Solving for the biggest barriers to a circular economy

The Connected Products Economy Report addresses the challenges related to operationalizing and scaling circular business models and material regeneration processes, demonstrating  the need for a shared industry-wide protocol for product digitization. Eon and the Members of the CircularID™ Initiative have come together to solve this challenge by developing the CircularID™ Protocol—the global protocol for digital identification of products in a circular economy. The Report introduces the CircularID™ Protocol and the CircularID™ Initiative’s research and development process. As the global language for connected products in the circular economy, the CircularID™ Protocol ensures that essential product and material data can be exchanged in the circular value chain.