The 3D body scan jeans company named one of TIME’s “Best Inventions of 2019”  brings a circular twist to their zero-inventory, custom-fit denim range with unique Digital IDs that bring visibility to the lifecycle. All jeans in this collection are made with dissolvable Resortecs® thread and designed for disassembly. 


Transparency & Sustainability






QR Code

Producing a single pair of jeans requires a huge amount of water and energy, and produces significant pollution. Developed as part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign program, unspun's Genesis jeans demonstrate how Digital ID technology brings visibility and traceability to the supply chain, solving some of the biggest barriers to a circular fashion system. 

“With the launch of our Genesis jeans featuring a scannable QR Code powered by EON, we are thrilled to establish a new model for circular denim. We hope Genesis serves as a showcase for how all players across the supply chain can work together to bring more sustainable product to market, advancing the fashion industry further towards the goal of a fully circular model that operates in harmony with our planet."


—Annika Visser, unspun, Operations Lead

The Genesis Jeans

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A scannable QR code integrated into each pair makes it possible to record its journey, ensuring the product and its materials can be identified and authenticated for resale and recycling.